About This Web Site:

This is a web site designed by Rob Steir in tribute to my Mom who passed away earlier this year, 2020. My Mom painted for her entire life. In fact, a number of her paintings were done 50+ years ago. I am sharing this web site link with my Facebook friends. All in all, I’ve added 60+ pictures here. While not her entire portfolio, it’s a good representation. All of these photos were done for two print books I had put together. If you see an light reflections or frames, that’s why.

I have two purposes for creating this web site. First, I want to share my Mom’s paintings she did over her entire life with anyone who wants a digital version. Please save to your computer if one of them speaks to you. While there are thousands of artists with similar works, the feedback I’ve received by friends when they look at her paintings is one of universal smiles. If these paintings provide some pleasure, and smiles from viewers, during these trying times, then that’s great. Feel free to copy any or all of the paintings, and share with friends. I know I’ve had a number of framed paintings in my apartment and it brings me smiles to look at them (and not because they are from my Mom), and hopefully for you, too.

Second, my Mom and Dad were very happily married for 59 years. While her life’s legacy is far greater than my sharing her work with the world, but it makes me happy to know that her paintings will be shared with the world via this web site.

I created the majority of this web site on my first birthday without her. It seemed like a great use of my time to share my birthday with her in her absence.

Please feel free to reach me at rob @ frontlinewaste.com with comments about her work, and especially about the following: If there’s interest, I’m actually thinking of looking at ways to offer for a nominal sale price – larger prints and sharing the proceeds with Alzheimer and lung cancer charities.


March 2020